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GYM Fighting Games: Bodybuilder Trainer Fight PRO APK download

GYM Fighting Games: Bodybuilder Trainer Fight PRO APK download

The sequel to the famous action fighting game welcomes you to ‘GYM Fighting! Stay in the ring with no chance of your opponent surviving! Defeat your entire GYM combat instructor and become a free man. Are you immersed in life or death conflicts against dangerous gym fighters? If you do, try our new free action boxing game: Jim Fighting Games.

You are a GYM workout instructor and karate fighter, desperately wanting to leave your gang, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight for your life, if you take the wrong step it may end soon. Enter the world of GYM Martial Arts once! Face new combat opponents and prove your skills in a GYM fighter style.

Ultimate Gym Karate Kungfu Fighting Champion is an exciting arcade fighting action game, it is an adventure arcade boxing game and kung fu tiger fighting game, fighting animation, special 3D effects, thrilling sounds and real. Prove your skills as a powerful master ninja against kung fu street boss. Your opponents use a variety of fighting styles, including taekwondo, muay thai, kung fu, boxing and more, showing off your top-level fighting skills to overcome all opponents with the power of kungfu tiger claw style. Fight against strong opponents, win against them and earn points to unlock new places in your progress. Earn points for each win against opponents, fight strong opponents and master your gym karate fighting skills to get top-level rankings. Upgrade your strength, speed and accuracy with new strikes and fighting styles to earn points for each winning match. Gym Fighting Continuous Action Strong; You are presenting a visual and sensitive double enjoyment. Emotion and blood continue at the same time.

Play and enjoy the 2020 Action Boxing Game Gym Fighting Games and learn how to fight hand to hand while unarmed with your fists and kicks. How to use yourself with amazing skill to block yourself in enemy kicks and punches is also a necessary part of the art fight. “Jim Fighting” lovers will enjoy the experience of a boxing game. Street fighting lovers will enjoy the gym-fighting experience. The trophies are for the winners of the street karate champions. Maintain the ranking of being a street karate champion in this original karate fighter game. Speed ​​is the key to winning a hand fight. Kung Fu has many defensive tactics to protect itself from enemy attacks. Keep an eye on every step of the enemies fighting you. Use punches and kicks quickly and accurately with precision. Make timely decisions, attack the enemy with punches and kicks at the appropriate time and block the enemy attack using precision and speed in your activities. Jim Karate Fight 2020 and Kung Fu Tiger Boxing Game 3D are ready for street karate professionals. Opponents are ready for a tough punch and kick show. Use enemy force against yourself. In the sense of real self-defense and boxing fighting games.

GYM Fighting Games: Body Builder Trainer Fighting Four Features:

Win gym karate matches and get reward points for unlocking the next tournament
Tou fought against the toughest GYM fighters and became a World Street Karate Champion
K Select and modify your GYM Karate Ninja Kung Fu Tiger styles
Big Kung Fu King Street Karate tournaments with big prizes
Promote King King Fighter Tournament by defeating the legends
Unlimited level mode and career mode challenges
Background music and sound effects will increase your strength in GYM street fights

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