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The three heroes are trying to survive in a mobile offline RPG game
The Terrible set out on a perilous journey to recapture their hometown, Hardwood. Upgrade your heroes to turn-based combat, craft items, potions and weapons, build a city and survive in a fantasy world.

G Who are the terrible ones?
Gavitars are not orchids or gablin, it may seem at first glance, but mushroom trolls – the original inhabitants of dense forests, have their own culture and history. An interesting plot will take you through the adventures of heroes who have to survive in a cruel world using power and magic.

👍 Turn based mobile RPG offline game
In addition to exploration and adventure, this epic RPG game has an element of offline turn-based strategy. You don’t have to foolishly click the “Attack” button in a pile of monotonous positions, but consider step-by-step tactics of battle. The word “strategy” is not just used in name, because each hero has his own characteristics and to win you need to think carefully about the actions in advance.

Survival game with no compulsion in app purchase
If you prefer a free Rugbylike RPG with survival elements, Gifers is the thing you need. In strategic battles the heroes will fall many times but the power of the tree resurrects them again and again. To survive, you need to study the craft book and create unique items to help your heroes conquer the forces of evil and pay off with a credit card.

Epic RPG game is offline without wifi or internet
That means there are no ads. Yes, it happens. And for all intents and purposes, we, as the authors and attachments to truly classic story-driven fantasy role-playing gaming games, cannot object to the player interfering with the gaming universe with meaningless advertising inserts. Enjoy the painfully addictive offline RPG gameplay without having to pay a 1 to watch a single video.

So are you ready to play the role?

“Spring comes to Everwoods and the three brothers – Crochet, Squashi and Rusty – decide to return to their ancient homeland …”

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