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The “Great Quran” helps you to always recite the Quran.
We introduce a prominent version of the Qur’an in view of the fact that Muslims are very interested in the recitation of the Qur’an and its teachings; The “Great Qur’an” under the generous patronage of Waqf, the mother of Badr Ibn Saleh Ar-Razi. Arabia, a leading company in the field of Islamic software and applications in particular – designed and developed the application for information technology.

Great Quran app features

Approved and certified Mushaf:
The Quran has been approved by the King Fahd Complex and the Mushaf Committee of Al-Azhar Al Sharif for printing the Holy Quran. It was proofread by a highly respected work group specialized in the glorious Qur’an and a committee of scholars licensed in ten ways of reciting the Qur’an.

High quality script:
Mushaf al-Madinah an-Nawawiyyah’s latest version is similar to the high-quality Usmani Mushaf.

Recitation of Quran verses or verses offline audio by seven famous Quran reciters.

The Qur’an enables the reciter to repeat a selected verse or verse for ease of memorization.

Ability to share glimpses of the Qur’an and verses of Aya or Mushf in a transparent and interactive way through social media in Ottoman script or in general script / external alphabetical symbols.

An advanced and fast full text search engine based on the correct morphology analyzer of the Qur’anic verse. The engine enables the reader to reach any part of Mushf in a matter of seconds.

An innovative and interactive feature that helps the reader to easily complete the entire Qur’an recitation (Khatmah / s) and informs him to recite Khatmah every day.

Night-reading mode:
Allows the recitation to completely change the background of Mushf’s visual comfort.

Enables the reader to bookmark a page or ayah and easily refer to it later. This enables the user to synchronize this bookmark with iCloud with other devices so that they can start reciting from this bookmark at any time.

Add notes during the recitation and mention them later. Notes are automatically synchronized with the user’s other devices via iCloud so he can review them on this device.

Daily Glimpse:
Glimpses and subtleties related to the Qur’an in the form of daily notifications.

Page services:
Easily navigating through the verses of the Great Quran by navigation buttons or directly through page numbers. These services include displaying and hiding the frames of the Mushaf pages, changing their background color, displaying the index of Surah and Juz, and whether Surah Mecca or Medina.

View settings:
Control the text view inside the library by zooming, changing the color of the text and changing the font type.

Quran Library:
Tafsir’s books contain offline Qur’an libraries, including books, reasons for revelation, word meanings, syntax, glimpses of verses, verdicts of verses, and multilingual translations of the meaning of the Nobel Quran.

Multi-language interface:
Arabic, English and French. Other languages ​​will be added soon.

What’s new?

We are eager to develop and appreciate the implementation of the great Qur’an to come out with the best and perfect image, so we are working on the implementation of the implementation in the form of continuous and without pause. In this modern update, the Qur’anic Library Service has been transformed and improved.

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