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GPS Locker was created to avoid losing any GPS signal lock when switching between applications and when your device’s screen is off. GPS Locker helps to get a quick GPS signal lock and fix your GPS.

Where it can be helpful:
– In mobile games used in GPS navigation in the game process.
– GPS locker will work for those who use GPS navigation (for example, when the device cannot detect the GPS signal immediately when exiting a tunnel in a car, everyone is familiar with the situation)
– Often GPS signals help improve GPS signals on lost devices.

Key benefits:
– Automatic launch of GPS locker when turned on GPS system.
– Possibility of manual and automatic reset A-GPS data.
– Ability to lock the screen when GPS locker is run.
– Launch your applications manually or automatically after fixing the GPS signal (the desired application you specify in the GPS locker settings)
– Create shortcuts on the desktop to quickly launch applications after a successful fix of the GPS signal.

PS: This application is not designed to fix coordinates!

What’s new?

New features and looks
Several important fixes

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