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GoPro lets users control their GoPro camera remotely from their Android device. Use the GoPro app to share everything you’ve recorded as well as monitor other GoPro channels.

At the moment, the app is compatible with GoPro models such as Hero 4, Hero 3, Hero and HD Hero 2, with GoPro app for those who have already set up their GoPro camera to control it remotely from their Android device. There are. Play or turn off the video, even watch the video in real-time while the GoPro camera is recording it.

Another amazing feature of the GoPro app is that it lets users view all content recorded on their GoPro camera, much like the Gallery app. All videos can be viewed at a glance in their GoPro application.

Key features of the GoPro application

Here are some key features for the V app.

  • Frames the perfect shot with the live preview lets the user control GoPro remotely. Users will be able to change settings, start or stop their video from their phone.
  • The GoPro app lets users view videos and photos on their phones. Also, choose which should be kept or which should be deleted.
  • Allows transferring the latest video from the GoPro camera to the user’s phone.
  • Video taken from the GoPro camera is available for sharing from the GoPro app. The app allows the user to choose a theme and get things like music, transfers and effects.
  • Providing the user with editing tools to trim parts in a video.
  • Provides reframe options to allow users to test with an almost unlimited perspective.
  • Provides cos, stickers and more to make the video a real gem.

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