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Talkback is an accessibility service that helps blind and visually impaired users to interact with their devices. Talkback is pre-installed on most Android devices.

For talkback support, see

To turn on talkback:
1. Go to settings
2. Select Accessibility

Android 4.1 and above:
3. Touch the talkback and switch it on

Android 4.0:
3. Touch the talkback and switch it on
4. Go back to the previous screen, then turn on Explore by touch

Android 3.2 and earlier:
3. Select the Accessibility checkbox
4. Select the Talkback checkbox

Notice of permission
Phone: Talkback monitors the status of the phone so that it can adapt announcements to your call status.
Accessibility Services: This application is an accessibility service, it can monitor your activities, retrieve window content and monitor your typed text.

What’s new?

New key in Talkback 5.2
Spoken New Speech Verbosity setting for spoken response
• New Yorkons
You hear feedback when you turn the magnification on / off or zoom in / out
Hear the character count in password fields in Chrome (56+)
Less delay before indication of usage
• Other corrections and improvements

New service: Choose to speak lets you tap to hear items read aloud. Go to Accessibility> Select Sentence.

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