Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic and Transit Direct APK Download

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Google Maps Go is a progressive web-based app. It is lightweight and a variant of the original Maps app. Now it also has navigation support.

Google Maps Go takes up less space on Android devices than on the whole Google Maps application. The purpose of Google Maps Go was to run it on devices with limited memory. On untrusted networks, the app provides information about the user’s location, real-time updates for traffic, directions, bus, train or metro services such as transit solutions. This application allows users to search for information about different places such as addresses and phone numbers.


Below are the features of the Google Maps Go app.

  • Finding the fastest routes for two-wheelers, subways, buses, ferries or even walking.
  • Metro, bus or train services within the city’s transportation schedule.
  • Navigating a 2 wheeler or a car with navigation features of the app.
  • Step-by-step instructions on routes to assist with travel plans.
  • Real-time updates for traffic and fast delivery with traffic map provisions.
  • New places are being discovered
  • Searching for local businesses, restaurants and other places.
  • Deciding to visit the place based on customer reviews and pictures for food.
  • Find addresses or phone numbers for places.

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