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The Google Lens app is an AI-powered camera integrated application that uses your smartphone camera and search engine to detect an object in front of a camera lens. And after scanning the object provides relevant results like all available data in Google’s online database. If you point your camera around you, the app will detect and identify around you.

Google Lens was the first Google Pixel exclusive feature app when that phone was first released. But since then Google powers have come to all Android devices. This app is most effective for searching for specific online items you don’t know.

Use Google Lens to search stuff

Google Lens enables you to point your phone at anything your brand wears, like branded sneakers. Not only will you be told the answer, but nearby shoe stores and online stores such as the brand and its specific shoe model will provide advice based on that object.

Other examples of what Google Lens can do include being able to take a picture of an SSID sticker on the back of a Wi-Fi router. After which your phone will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network without having to do anything else.

This application helps you to easily translate the language. You can point your phone in the text Google Translate On. And try translating text right in front of your eyes. Easily copy text from images and photos. Point your phone’s camera to the text, then highlight that text in Google Lens and copy it to use on your phone.

Get the price for your favorite outfit by taking a photo. Google Lens can detect those pieces and similar articles of clothing if you see clothing of your choice while shopping. This app is amazing considering its bright future and wide range of uses.

Click on the download button above to start downloading this app. Let us know how you use this app in the comments section below. Follow this link for more information about the Google Lens app Google Lens Support.

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