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GMX Mail Application – Your total email application

What you expected from a GMX webmail account can now be used on your Android mobile device with our official email application. Enjoy convenient and easy access to your free email account wherever you are. Quickly find your contacts in your address book, view, receive and reply to all messages at your fingertips. Experience unparalleled mobility and freedom with our email app.

Here are some features of the GMX Mail app:
Every available on every Android device
Tim optimized, easy and intuitive to use
Email SM SMTP and IMAP
Gmail Access to all your email accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook
Inc Battery saving push notifications for incoming emails
Secure access via PIN PIN protection mode
Easily read and save attach attachments

GMX’s free email application is not only designed to be easy to use, but easy to install. Once downloaded, you need to access all the features like desktop. You will no longer be anchored in one place to receive an email, but you will have the flexibility to view and receive emails on the go.

Easy to use
Sending and receiving emails should be as simple as possible, and it’s easy to use in the design of the GMX Mail application. Collect all of your email accounts in a single place, regardless of your supplier. Navigating and managing emails with the use of swipe gestures is an easy task and your address book, inbox and other folders are never more than a click away. Saving attachments lets you hold them effortlessly and for later use.

Customizable and intuitive
Just as everyone lives a different life, we understand that everyone has different expectations and needs from email clients. With that in mind, we’ve customized our app to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you want to set custom alerts for emails, enjoy a more low-key mail experience with vibration notifications, or change the way emails are presented to you, GMX Mail enables you to do this and much more.

Always keep your email with you
Don’t miss any more urgent emails, including the GMX mail application. Our push notifications will alert you about incoming emails, meaning you don’t need to open the app to be notified of new messages. With GMX’s pin protection mode, you can be sure that your mail will always be secure and secure, and that it will be private only to you. Don’t miss any more emails with our free mobile app courtesy of GMX.

Your your service
If you have any questions or comments about the app, we’d love to hear from our customers. For more information, contact us [email protected]

Have fun using the GMX Mail app!

What’s new?

✔ Mail: The color of the sender’s images has been changed for better readability of the mailing list
✔ Mail: You can see a picture of the sender from your local address in front of each mail in the mailing list *
✔ Mail: Mails in the sender’s image can be selected via longpress or press
✔ Mail: In Mail View, you can now copy / paste the sender’s name and email.
✔ Cloud: Images can now be streamed to TV via Chromecast or AndroidTV. Just touch the “Cast” icon in the image view

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