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Glory of Generals2: ACE APK Download

Glory of Generals2: ACE APK Download


Commander! A new war is about to begin.
EASYTECH will continue to create the most outstanding combat strategy games ever.

*** More than 70 commands of the most advanced army, navy and air force units.
*** Each military unit has its own characteristics. Use them wisely and you will be invincible.
*** Reform and upgrade your forces with components. Make them AC on the battlefield.
*** Each general has unique skills. Make full use of them according to the war situation.
*** Reasonable playing of strategic cards will help you to influence the whole battle.
*** Will affect original and different region strategies. Capture the enemy’s fortress to win the battle.

【Promotion Mode】 ———————————————– –

Europe 『্র Africa』 East Middle East 『America South America『 『North America
Central Asia 『『 Antarctica 『P Alpha-5』 পি Epsilon-11
A.D.1975 – Gain experience in 2032, 9 war zones and 87 military missions.

Challenge Mode】

5 Ways to Challenge Your Commanding Skills
Rescue 『Hold『 Breakout 『Strike『 『Supply

Quest Mode】25 adventure campaigns available. Place your units wisely.

【PVP mode】 6 courtyards with different player levels. You can fight other commanders.
Challenge other players to win extra prizes.

Cloud Service

Support for uploading game data to the cloud server.

APK Download

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