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Glory of Generals :Pacific HD APK download

Glory of Generals :Pacific HD APK download

4 More than 64 battlefield campaigns are waiting for your challenge
105 The world-famous general will take part in this battle with you.
More than 300 original and rich regions will influence your strategies.

Players must make adequate use of the battlefield terrain and defense facilities as well as acquire the skills of each unit for convenience.
Cutting back routes or encircling the enemy will bring about a great change in the situation on the battlefield.
It is questionable in the mind of the player how the ground, navy and air force can be carefully deployed to capture the main strongholds of the opponents.

The medals obtained through the war show the way from the soldier to the marshal.
Military facilities at the headquarters will provide the necessary supplies for the upgraded war.
Hire other officers to strengthen the force It is important to take advantage of the skills of each officer.
The Navy led by General Rommel or the Navy led by Nimitz will have the highest performance.

The player can instruct any officer and his troops to fight freely on the battlefield.

3 level tutorial game basics you can learn fast learning

## Features ##

– Campaign mode-
Pacific War
Axis power (1941.7 – 1945.1
Allies (1942.5 – 1945.10

Far Eastern War
Axis power (1937.7 – 1941.12
Allied forces (1937.8- 1945.8

Korean War
WTO (1950.1 – 1953.1
NATO (1950.1 – 1953.4

Middle East war
WTO (1955.7 – ???
NATO (1955.9 – ???

-35 Legion Mode Campaign
-105 world-class generals took part
-146 military units available
-337 countries involved in the war
-36 Strategic guidelines
-16 military rank, 4 general assistants.
More than 300 real areas ra
Upgrade 6 military facilities at headquarters
Map zoom in / out
-Auto save function

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