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With the Globio app, you can turn your Android phone into perhaps the simplest alarm system in the world. Globios help you expand the alarm system into a professional system. Protect your phone from theft and a few people. Inspect your apartment, your store or your car. Be aware when your bike, snowboard or your luggage is moving. When to glow by call, text message or email with photo:

– Phone removed (not in free version)
– Comes closer or moves away from some proximity sensors
– The brightness of the environment changes
– A power source is plugged into the device
– The phone is unlocked
– A word too loud
– Camera detects motion (not the free version)

When does the Globio app, including Globios, trigger alarms? When:

# With PIA
– PIR detector detects speed

# Including Maggie
– A magnetic contact (such as a door, window) open or closed
– A vibration occurs (e.g. breakage of glass, car, bicycle, snowboard)
– Location changes

With #Shan
– The air temperature is too high or too low
– Humidity in the air is too high or too low
– Air pressure is too high or too low

With #ANN
– Any object or device (such as alarm system, door contact, security shut-off mat) opens or closes an electrical connection

With #Sear
– It is too bright or too dark (e.g. ambient light, light barrier)

With pleasure
– With the push of a button

– Features –

– 7 individual internal phone sensor processes (5 in free version)
– Processes many external globio sensors.
– 8 different words (custom words can be added)
– Pin lock
– Taking pictures or recording a video when an alarm is triggered
– Precise word identifier
– When the alarm is triggered, an email with photo / video / audio or a text message can be sent or a number can be dialed (not in the free version)

– Upcoming Features –

– Linking two Globio applications
– Integration of different Globio actors (headlights, power switches, sirens, automatic relays and more)
– Push notifications and video clips
– Demand video
– Support for Ibicon and Ediston

What’s new?

– Globio sensor jack added
– Some small improvements
– Bug fixes

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