Garmin Drive™ APK download

Garmin Drive™ APK download

The Garmin Drive 6 app is a simple and convenient application solution for the latest Garmin Auto Navigator and Dash Cam. See for a list of compatible devices.

For compatible navigators, the Garmin Drive app provides real-time information for traffic, parking, improved weather and photo live traffic cameras in addition to smart notifications from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

For compatible dash cams, the Garmin Drive app provides quick access to camera controls, settings, and recorded footage. Four dash cams can be connected wirelessly with the dash cam auto sync feature to provide wide coverage around the car, providing different perspectives recorded by multiple cameras. The Garmin Drive app can simultaneously create a “picture-in-picture” video from any two perspectives, making it easy to review the video and share it with friends, insurance companies or legal authorities.

Garmin Spike with Amazon Alexa: Bring what you like about Amazon Alexa in your car. Just ask Alex to listen to music, news and more. Also, enjoy on Garmin Period. Stream audio (music and other feedback) from your car’s stereo when you connect the Garmin Speak to your stereo using the Garmin Bluetooth® or UX.

Older Bluetooth-enabled Garmin navigators are compatible with the Garmin smartphone link application, and older Wi-Fi-enabled Garmin dash cams can access video footage through the Garmin VIRB app.

APK download

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