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Gangster City is an action-adventure strategy game matching the famous Gangstart game series. Gameloft. Your mission in this game is to capture LA’s streets by stealing, fighting, kidnapping and recruiting gang members. This is an old game but for those who are fans of vintage rock and retro games

It’s not like an all-out action game Gangster New Orleans Or Gangstar Vegas, But a simulation-style game. In which you must make cash, XP points and gems, buy weapons, clothes, cars and houses and these. In this game, you can snatch virtually any building and person you can come across.

Playing plot in Gangster City

The game is set in Los Angeles; The protagonist is Garcia, Gangster 2: King of LA And Gangster: West Coast Hostel ‘Its protagonist is Pedro’s brother, who recently fled Mexico. Pedro introduced Garcia to Santa Monica after his next arrival and taught him how to perform tasks.

He then tells her that he is now going to do some important work somewhere else and advises Lewis to meet Cribe. The game has 4 types of missions referred to as “work”. Stealth jobs, you have to be as calm as possible and not get caught. Fight the work, where you go in empty nokul boxing style with or without weapons.

Come to the business job, it involves managing the crib and making cash from your property and surroundings under your control. Completing a certain number of missions increases the level of reputation of the player in the district which is very important. Five types of members can be recruited there. These can be assigned to protect the building from attack by enemy groups or to crews.

Thugs, the average type of members for general street work. Bouncers, who have a high amount of defense points but low attack points can be a good bodyguard. Brutus, who have more attack points but less defense points. And smugglers, who have high skill levels, come in handy when dealing in drugs.

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