Fuelio: gas log, costs, car management, GPS routes APK Download

Fuelio: gas log, costs, car management, GPS routes APK Download

Fuel is also an easy to use Android app to track your mileage, gas consumption and gas costs. Using this app you can save car cost, auto service, your fillings, fuel cost, car mileage, gas price / gas price and money.

Mile Mileage for one or more vehicles, see overview of gas costs. Supports different fuel types and now bi-fuel vehicles. Google Maps can visualize your fillings.

Gas prices – crowd sourcing
. The app will also show you fuel prices and nearby gas stations.

Fuelio: Gas logs and costs use the full tank algorithm to calculate fuel costs. Thanks to this, the app can calculate how many liters / gallons of fuel you have used in the filters. When you buy fuel, just enter the amount you bought and the value of your current odometer. Filling will calculate your fuel economy / efficiency, maintain your purchase log, and display plots and statistics for your data.
The app looks beautiful in terms of full-texture, fuel consumption and mileage, easily providing full and average number of statistics on the interface and visual charts.

The Fuelio app stores your data locally but you can connect it to the cloud at any time (Dropbox, Google Drive) and make sure you don’t loosen your data even after your device is lost or crashed.

Trip Log – GPS Tracker
You can track your trips manually or automatically (with GPS).
Register your trip and see its actual cost, including some summaries and map previews. You can also save your routes in GPX format.

Feature list:
– Simple and clean design
– Mileage log (track your fill ups, gas consumption, fuel economy, partial fill-ups, GPS location)
– Expense tracking (auto service)
– Vehicle management – Fuel cost
– Multiple vehicles
– Bi-fuel vehicle tracking (for example with two tanks. Petrol + LPG)
– Useful Statistics (Total Statistics, Phil Ops, Expenditure, Average, Energy Economy Statistics)
– Distance units: kilometers, miles
– Fuel unit: liter, our gallon, imperial gallon
– Import / Export to SD (CSV)
– Show your fill-ups on Google Maps
– Chart (fuel cost, fuel cost, monthly cost …)
– Dropbox backup
– Google Drive Backup
– Reminder (date, Odo counter)
– Flexible vehicle support

Now the Pro features are free (no ads!):
Dropbox Sync (Official API)
Auto-backup with Dropbox (fill-up or when adding costs)
Google Drive Backup (Official APIv2)
Auto-backup to Google Drive (fill-up or when adding costs)
Shortcuts (widgets) for adding quick fill-ups
Module Expenses Allows you to track other expenses of your car (not just fuel)
Expenditure statistics – you can define your own categories (such as services, maintenance, insurance, washing, parking …)
Summary and statistics of each section
Expenditure Chart (Fuel vs. Other Expenditure, Division, Total Monthly Expenditure)
Reporting Module – Create a report for your vehicle, save it to a text file and share it!

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