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Meet Freya, your virtual birth partner from The Positive Birth Company! Freya will coach you through every single surge with a simple breathing technique and easy visualisation. She will help you relax between surges with a mix of guided meditation, positive affirmations, gentle music and calming visualisations. Freya makes it easy for you to keep track of your surges and you can visit the log at any point to see how frequently your surges are coming and how long they are lasting. Freya will also let you know when your labour is established and when it might be a good time to contact your midwife. You will never birth alone with Freya by your side.
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The Positive Birth Company
June 12, 2020
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Meet your virtual birth partner Frere from Positive Birth Company! Freya will train you through every breathing technique and simple scene. He will help you relax in the ges wave with a mix of guided meditation, positive reassurance, soft music and calm scenes. Freya makes it easy for you to keep track of your ges wave and you can visit the logs at any time to see how often your surges are coming and how long they last. Freya will also let you know when your labor will be established and when it may be a good time to contact your midwife. You will never be born alone with Frere next to you.

In Hypo berthing we refer to contractions as partially gestational because it looks beautiful but because ‘ge’ describes the feeling more accurately that you will feel during childbirth. Freya Hall is the only HypoWorthing-friendly compression timer in the Play Store, specifically designed with the HypoWorthing mom in mind – using appropriate terminology – but everyone can use it.

You can use Freya during pregnancy so that you can relax and prepare for your birth. In fact the more you listen to directed relaxation and positive reassurance, the more familiar they will become and the audio at birth will help you relax. Positive reassurance has proven to change the way your mind works and listening regularly will help you feel less anxious and more confident until birth. And the more comfortable you feel at birth, the more oxytocin you will produce which helps your uterus to work more efficiently, making labor faster and more comfortable.

You can also use Freya after birth when you think you may benefit from taking some deep breaths or need some help finding your Jane. Parenting can be hard but you’ve got Freya; He is your lifelong friend! In fact, everything you learn through the use of Freya – mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, time management – these are life skills.

If you have any questions or find any annoying bugs hidden about the place (!) Please let us know at

What you get:

Sur is a timer for recording your gets (also known as compression timer).
Mind Coaching Audio to keep your mind focused on breathing through each geese
Gentle is a gentle stretching view that you can use to breathe in sync
Time is a detailed log of your gets from time to time, so that you can track your progress through labor
Birth The ability to easily share logs with your birth partner, midwife or doula
Instructed relaxation, positive commitment and soothing scenes help you feel calm and at ease, making birth easier, faster and more understandable (can also be used during pregnancy and postpartum)
Birth is an option to share your birth story with a personal birth announcement
Renowned coaching created by renowned hypnobirthing expert Silvan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company
You can skip, rearrange and even remove tracks from the directed relaxation playlist so you can listen to what you want, whenever you want. If things start to get a little repetitive, you might as well listen to your own playlist in a third-party app (like a Spotify), even though you’re still using the Freya app to keep track of your gets and train you through each.
You can change between -8–8 breathing patterns and more manageable -6- between. You can turn off the count completely if you like.

Just download the HypoWorthing-Friendly Compression Timer on the Play Store and get ready to meet your child in the best way possible, feel calm and confident, relaxed and happy!

What's new

- Fixed the app crash caused by trying to view statistics when your 1st surge is still running
- Fixed the app crash caused by re-ordering the tracks when they are all turned off
- Fixed a number of audio glitches related to booting the app
- Fixed some minor visual issues
- Fixed the surge restarting when the voiceover option is changed mid-surge
- Fixed the app icon being too zoomed in
- Fixed audio issues


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