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Live the memorable adventures of Fractal Space, an immersive 3D first-person adventure and puzzle game in a beautiful science-fiction universe! Will you survive by solving the mysteries of this space station? This, my friend, depends on you …

Hello dear friend, this is IG. Welcome to my space station. Can you remember me Well, I can remember you.

I know you’re hesitant – you think it’s like another escape game or portal, don’t you? Well, trust me, if you are looking for a new journey with a unique story, you will not regret it. When it is over, you will be changed forever.

When entering fractal space. Grab your jetpack and teaser song – we need to work.

The main advantage
✔ Immersed 3D first-person experience: This game is about you – and no one else
Ind the mind-blowing anecdotal adventure – don’t be discouraged when you’re done
Et Jetpack: Fly freely and explore the space station!
Personal Make it personal: 15 colors of skin to customize your teaser song!
Puzzles, lasers, saws, crushers, portals … all my challenges are ready for you
Rich Story Rich: Secret recordings to learn more about me and multiple endings
So console experience: Dear gamers, I will let you play with most Bluetooth gamepads!
Cloud Saves: Switching devices? Don’t worry, I’ve covered you
Cross-save with HD version: If you switch later, you’ll continue to progress using Google Play Games!
Tim has adapted: don’t worry, it will run smoothly. Do you like 60 fps? Enjoy the graphics options!
Feel Powerful Strong: Achievements and leaderboards for Spider-Man and to show me and the whole world – how great you are!

Oh, before I forget: Unlike many others, this adventure is completely free without ads. All my in-app purchases were alchemical grants to support my creators who worked so hard to make me live for free. As a token of their gratitude, they will give you access to bonus content in exchange for your help!

Tedder Skin Customization
Change the colors of your teaser mass structure skin, laser, screen and effects separately! Find more color packs by searching for places and stations!

Jetpack: Enjoy flying
Deny the laws of physics and gravity by firing your jetpack to fly freely through space and avoid the deadly trap of the space station. You can’t risk falling into a void – so use it wisely and make sure you have enough fuel to make your journey!

Puzzles: Think before you act
Solve interesting puzzles in the brain! Play full minigames, use cubes to reach higher ground, go through portal teleporters, look at light mirrors in the east, search for clues to guess access codes … you will need your brain to solve the puzzles of fractal space!

Space Exploration Waves
Explore space and collect hidden recordings – they will help you solve puzzles and mysteries about your past, present and future. Take health and ammunition packs to survive this adventure and escape from the station.

Gamepad support
Do you like gamepad controls for consoles like the experience? No problem! The game is compatible with most gamepads! List:
If your gamepad doesn’t work, contact us and we’ll add it for the next update!

Achieved and topped
Show the whole world the mastermind of the puzzle by unlocking success and sharing your fractal space speedran scores with your friends!

Cloud saving
Play across multiple devices using Google Play Games with automatic cloud save synchronization! Cross-save between free and HD versions!

– Camera: Used at specific moments for extended immersion. It can be played without.

Play the game
Keep in touch with my creators! They are a hard-working two-person indie studio:
– Website:
– Twitter:
– Facebook:
– YouTube:

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