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Grab your lightsbar, concentrate beam and activate the fight! The most powerful weapon in the universe is back – and now in your pocket! That’s right – Light Force Saber is now an app!

Swipe your device with the wind and feel the power as you swing and sway with your future arms! Engage in battle with your powerful rays – fight to the death and betray your friends, strangers, pets and even your own son!

No one will want to be your dad when you let go of your inner JD forces and change your lightsbar to suit your personality!

Become a Knight of Light as your beam responds to your little speed! Choose between different crystals each giving you more energy and a different color saber! Swap your heels for 12 different bars for further customization of your Force Saber! Even choose the dual-blade if you think you can handle the force!

As you fight in battles the force of light will sound saber – adding more dart pull.

Remove your Android device and feel the power from your powerful weapon, download Lite app Force Saber on your phone and fight with your friends! Watch your camera as a flashlight while fighting for the ultimate night combat experience!

Free to download Force Saba of light app and great fun for the whole family! All ages will love how responsive Force Saber is in their hands and they will really feel like Knight or Lord of Lords!

– Choose from different crystals to change the color of the beam with more coming soon!
– Choose an Ilt from 12 Hilsas as soon as more come!
– Feel your LightSbert – This is the best Feel-Saber app!
– Hear different sounds from your Force Saber
– Upload and play your own music in the app!
– The flashlight turns on when you hit Saber!
– 5 star app!

If you are a fan of the famous Jedi and Seth Wars, then there is no better app for you than Veder, OB, Kilo Ren, Palpatine, Han Solo, Yoda, Mool or Luke! Galactic republic or empire empire? And good!

What’s new?

Triple Blood Lightsbar!

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