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FME AR APK download

FME AR APK download

Introduced at FME 2018, FME AR Writer can create 3D models in custom FME AR format with a file extension .fmear. This application can open .fmear files from cloud storage like Google Drive and show models in augmented reality. Using the FME workbench, 3D models can be converted from a variety of formats to the FME AR format. Once the .fmear files have been uploaded to the supported cloud storage, the application will list the files and the user can select a file to see the reality of the attachment.

This app is built on Android Augmented Reality Framework known as AR Core. It lets people easily create unparalleled integrated reality experiences for Android devices. It has accurate tracking of device movement. It can analyze the scene presented by the camera view and look for horizontal and vertical planes in the real world. It can place and track virtual objects on the plane with a high degree of accuracy without additional calibration.

ARcore requires Android .0.0 or later and access to the Google Play Store. Here is a list of currently supported devices:
AR Core Download:

Download APK directly:
If AR Core is not officially supported on your device and you still want to try the app, you can download the APP file using this link:

APK download

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