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Fly GPS-Location lets you pin your location to wherever you want, allowing you to operate your phone’s GPS. Without actually being there. Using this application you can duplicate your current location by tricking your phone with GPS. The app is best suited for developers who can debug apps using mock locations.

This application has multiple uses, such as working with location-restricted applications that only work in a specific country and detects your location via GPS. This application enables you to dodge similar applications by applying a mock location Pokemon Go Will pick up. This will allow you to use features that are region-limited.

Using Fly GPS application for mock phone location

You must first install Fly GPS. Do this by clicking on the download button above and install the APK file when the download is complete. After installing the application, open and scroll the map to the location you want to apply. You can use Coordinates of Google Maps If you have them. Or just move your finger over the map.

Simply double tap on one of the symbols and choose an option like Fixed Location Mode or Moving Marker. And this way your phone will start pinging the mock location. This app is quite effective when you want to hunt rare Pokemon species that are not in your area. Just switch the mock position and search for Pokemon.

Beware of intensive ads as well as inviting pop-up ads. With the exception of ads, the app runs smoothly and efficiently. Let us know if you commented on Fly GPS and used it with a rating below.

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