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If you’re easily confused, Flipped is going to be your BFF “” – TechCrunch
“Flipped application for you if you need to plug in” – INC.com
“Flipped allows you to hide specific applications, allocate time from the phone based on your schedule, and track your progress over time.” – Washington Postdos Annoyed by having your phone in focus? Is it inconvenient for you to pay attention because of your phone or social media? Flipped is a simple and effective confusing block that prevents you from working so you can focus on what is important. With the help of research, Flipod has proven to help you stay focused, attract your attention and increase productivity. Stay connected and avoid confusion with flips.

What some people say:
“Helps me stop my phone addiction!”
“Very helpful!”
“Great app for students!”
“Destroys disruptions!”
“Helps me study!”

Flip in every life: Stay at work
Challenge yourself to unplug while you work
Flipped will remind you to stay active
Motivate yourself by tracking You’ve saved your time
Whenever you need to flip off, set reminders
Use the whole lock to avoid the confusion of dist apps and games
Join groups in the Flipped Community to challenge your friends

Flipped for class: Unplug and engage
Class Increase your focus and engagement during class
Automatically receive notifications to flip off for For lessons
Measure and keep track of your progress over time
No Join multiple classes at no extra cost
Produc Use flipped at home to maximize your productivity

Go premium: Invest your time well
A Flip off for more than 30 minutes at a time
30 Track statistics across a beautiful 30 day histogram
Create an unlimited schedule according to your lifestyle
Fl Join flipped groups and communities
Free upgrades available for trial trial (just ask!)

Focus on getting rid of clutter you don’t need!

Contact the team directly [email protected]

What’s new?

One week before Christmas and through all the headquarters,
The flipped team was busy creating this update for you.
We stay away from our computers with glee,
With the hope of getting it to you before the new year.

And it’s ready to launch in your room here,
To enjoy your better time spent.

So go! Go and install this new update.
It promises to give you more time to create,
More time to enjoy, concentrate and be present
Because, in the end, it almost spends a good amount of time.

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