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The best study time management app recognized by users
FLIP can improve your study habits in no time! If you can’t concentrate on your studies, reading or working,
Use FLIP! Focus level measurement timer, FLIP – accurate time measurement
You can accurately measure your study time by flipping over your phone.

– Focus level measurement
Check your focus level!
FLIP helps you increase your concentration by measuring your focus level.

– Mini window features
Measure your study time with the Mini Window feature when using a dictionary or watching a video lecture.

– Statistics
Check out your weekly and monthly study time as well as today.

– Timeline
The timeline shows you the goals you have measured today in chronological order.

– Schedule
Use the schedule to automatically summarize today’s measured goals!
You can see all the measured goals at a glance today.

– Daily report
FLIP shows you the details of your daily study.

– D-Day (new feature)
Set your D-Day!
You can easily see how many days are left before your due date.

FLIP uses the Pomodoro technique and determines the focus level according to the number of breaks compared to the duration of the focus.

Use FLIP to make the smart phone more efficient.
FLIP is more effective when used in conjunction with Ubind.

What’s new?

– 1.4.2 –
1. Fixed: start time error of day settings
– Fixed an issue where the start time of the day was not set after 13:00.
2. Fixed: Error
– Fixes the problem of forcing the application to close in certain situations.

– 1.3.18 –
1. Solution Error: The application guide screen for the first time
– Fixes the problem of not displaying images from the third application guide on some devices.
2. Add: Guide skip button for the application
– The start button of the application is displayed from scratch.

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