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Who needs a gym? Get in shape at home with workouts and plans from Fitify.
With us, you can only workout using bodyweight training (no tools!). However, we are the only app here that also provides workout and fitness equipment such as:
Iss Swiss ball
Medication shots
Resistance band
Umb dumbbells
• Barbell
Foam roller
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Fitify is your ultimate full body workout application to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and strength. With over 850 exercises in the Workout app, your daily exercise routines are always fresh, fun and effective! Work anywhere using any fit equipment at any time. No tools required, but if you have one – take advantage of it!

What can we do for you?
Personalized fitness plan – Custom training plan based on your experience, goals and time options. Each workout routine is created based on your personal fitness level to get the best results.
Daily 15 minutes daily workouts
Practice over 8 850 bodyweight and fit equipment – so that exercise is always fun, unique and effective
+ 20+ Pre-built workouts – choose body parts, type and duration of training
+ 15+ Pre-Built Recovery Sessions – Stretching, Yoga and Foam Rolling Classes
Huge has the ability to create your own “custom workout” from our huge practice database
Works offline
Voice coach
Clear HD video demonstration

Fitness plan
Full weekly training plan on workout and recovery sessions
• Workouts take 15-25 minutes to complete.
With easy video exercises to follow Easy HIIT, Tabata, strength training, cardio and recovery sessions.
History View history and track your great progress!

Custom workout routine
Mix your own workout from our animal database of over 850 exercises.

Single workout
Whether you become a bodyweight or use a tool like a kettlebell, you can choose to follow a plan or conduct any of our pre-built workouts. Choose body parts, type of training, duration. That’s it.

• Fullbody workout
Insane Six Pack
• Complex core
• Tough back
Complex lower body
লা Explosive power jump
Amazing buttons
Complex upper body
M Arm Blaster
Monster bust
Shoulder and upper back

HIIT and cardio
High Intensity (HIIT)
Light Cardio (LISS)
That tab
• Cardio-energy capacity intervals
Ly plyometrics
• Friendly

• Warming the body
• Calm down
Alance balance and coordination
Scientific 7 minutes
• Effective workout
• Fullbody training

Recovery sessions
Body stretches the whole body
Body stretches the upper body
Stretching the back
Lower body stretch
যোগ Adds full physical flexibility
Yoga for Ners Runners
Health Add healthy back
Morning yoga
Yoga for sleep
• Full body foam rolling
Gs foot foam rolling
Foam rolling on the back
Neck foam rolling

Workout Blender
The Blender feature is available by default so your fitness routine is never the same. Every workout is fresh and fun so you are still inspired on your fitness journey.

Free download and use of Fitfive. Get your training plan and additional features, including the pro version available on a subscription basis. You can always unsubscribe from Google Play / Subscriptions here. If you cancel, access to the Pro features will expire at the end of the current payment period. There is no increase in price during renewal. We provide 10 days money back warranty.


Thanks for reading to the end. Thank you for keeping yourself fit with us

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