Fingerprint LockScreen Prank APK Direct APK Download

Claim denied:
This fingerprint lock screen can’t really detect your fingerprint, it’s a simulated app used for fun.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a great screen lock application that mimics your fingerprint scan and unlocks your phone. Amazing fingerprint graphics and great scan animation make it professional and fun. More than 10 bright and beautiful wallpapers have been provided to best decorate your screen.

Claim denied:
Fingerprint scan is an imitation feature, it’s just for fun.

How to unlock
Press and hold your finger on the scanning panel for 3 seconds.

Realistic fingerprint scanner, great graphics.
Finger Amazing fingerprint scanning animation.
10 More than 10 bright and beautiful wallpapers have been provided.
সমর্থ Support slides to unlock the screen.
Digital shows the digital clock, date and time.
Background Multiple settings such as background wallpaper, vibrate, sound, date format, sliding text, etc.

What’s new?

v3.0 New UI.
v2.6 Add Application Features Guide.
More stable and reliable.
v2.4 Advanced UI.
v2.2 Improve the user experience.

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