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File Manager (File Transfer) is a lightweight and most user-friendly file sharing and transfer application. You can easily manage files on your Android smartphone using this file manager from Cheetah Mobile. Like other file manager applications, this application supports file transfer features. It is a full-featured file manager for Android. With fresh UI design and user friendly function !. Explore files transparently in shared folders, FTP and popular cloud storage!


Below are some of the unique features of File Manager.

Data transfer

File Manager provides a high-speed data transfer functionality. This will enable you to share files and applications directly from this application using high speed file transfer via stream media without downloading from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and LAN / SMB, LAN / SMB / FTP / WebDAV / Cloud.

Large and unnecessary files

The file manager will categorize the files according to the size of the files and extra large files will be displayed at the top. If you want to free up large portions of your phone’s memory, you can go through these files.

Used APK file

If you are in the habit of downloading APK files then this feature is for you. Used APK files enable you to clear clutter caused by downloading installed or unused APKs.

Installed apps and all files

Installed apps shows all apps currently installed on your phone. It will also tell you which apps are used frequently and which ones you should delete.


The market place is the built-in app store of app developer Chita Mobile. However, after trying many times to download an app, it rarely works.

Other than that it is a very compact and user-friendly app. Features are simple but effective which makes it easy to use. If you want to know more about file manager (file transfer) you can see Cheetah Mobile For more information. Downloading is hassle free because we are fast and we offer direct links to all available versions of the file manager (file transfer). Some popular applications like file manager ES File Manager, Root checker, zapa and Gender. If you want to write a review, please install this app and rate it on our website.

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