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Complete multi-page character sheet for tabletop roleplay in the fifth edition. It also includes a character creator to create quick characters.

Custom 5 page alphabet:
– Create, save, and edit multiple characters
– Automatically calculate: power changers, armor classes, skill bonuses, etc.
– Track hit points, damage, temporary HP
– Highlight skills
– Handle multiple weapons with calculated attacks and damage
– Spell book with spell attack bonus, spell dc and spell slot tracking
– Notes and properties page with currency tracker
– Hide the pages you need, rearrange the pages as you wish

Basic Character Creator
– Create one full level character in seconds
– There are options for races, sub-races, classes, backgrounds and more

Whether you’re killing dragons, building kingdoms, charming city guards, collecting hidden treasures, or diving into dinosaurs, you can track your role with this character sheet.

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