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Fieldo is an audio streaming application that allows its users to stream free audio content around the world. The application is easy to use UI which comes with an integrated browser. This music app for Android acts as a search engine for audio files from the web.

Fieldo explicitly states that it does not collect or host audio files, but brings in third parties and offers easy access to that data through its app.

Fieldo Music app for Android

Once you have downloaded the application it will prompt you to download another application to support its cause. This sounds funny, but you can’t use the app if you refuse. It may be down to a lot of users but how to proceed. Once that beat is taken care of, you can move on to the music listener part.

The built-in search feature allows users to search for their favorite albums and music. Which helps them connect with valuable music in just one search.

There are several top reasons why this app has become popular.

  • The first reason that makes this app interesting is that no other app offers free services to people without any subscription to Fieldo Music.
  • You can choose from a wide range of music from around the world in one app.
  • Users can create their own playlists in the Fieldo Music app.
  • Keep an eye on the songs and can sing as well. Fieldo lets you watch the songs.
  • You can download music offline so you can listen to music even if you don’t have internet connection.
  • You can use any other application besides Fieldo. Fieldo will continue in the background.

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