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An app called Field Trip is here to change everything for you. Once Field Trip is installed on your smartphone, users will be able to notice all sorts of well-known hidden sites and tips that they were not aware of before. In short, it is a guide to the history of your city. This field trip makes a useful application not only for outsiders, but also for locals.

It is a common occurrence for anyone living in any city or town in the world. Even after a person has lived in a city all their life, they do not pay attention to the fascinating little jokes that surround this person and they do not know the amazing history behind it.

The app comes with a full street map that has all the points of interest collected in sections like one’s historical sites, restaurants, museums and architecture and is just an iceberg for a field trip.

In this app users also get a guide to take tour circuits and get a detailed history of each place before they visit as well as reviews of bars and restaurants that others have seen through field trips.

The Field Trip app makes it easy for them to share their experiences with their friends and family members on social media or they can make these new searches pending for later viewing.

What are you waiting for, just download the field trip and learn about all the niches and cranes in your city or other cities and be a part of this huge online community.

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