Fast Charger – Battery Master APK Download for Android

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Quick Charger and Phone Cooler is a free app for your phone, fast charging mode for 5x battery charger. It is a battery saver for 4 days, the CPU temperature is clean and the speed up is reduced with the phone.

The fast charging capability of the application enhances the fast charging technology with our ownership. Power battery fast charging software will run automatically when you plug in the charger and RAM, CPU … the whole phone will scan closed closed background applications to increase its charging efficiency, helping the battery charger very fast. You can enable fast charging mode with just one touch Quickly save the charger and battery Fast charging and battery saver, will support fast battery charger.

Quick Battery Charging App with 3 Stage Charge: Quick Charger – Fully Charged – Tricolor Charger, Battery Saver 2016, Battery Charger Booster upgraded to 200 percent. Remind the battery to press the bell when fully charged to prevent battery damage. The Battery Doctor app has features that can display battery charge and monitor rechargeable battery management, you can quickly charge a battery charger capable of charging in 10 seconds

Battery saver

It’s also a battery saver app with power saver mode to help the ultimate battery saver! Software Battery Saver Power 2016 Features Special One Touch Optimized Applications Quick battery support with Battery Doctor Saver and Battery Saving Features with Quick Battery Charging App to help solve any problem with increasing battery charge and stop charging battery power with just one touch.

Phone cooler

Assisting in real time phone temperature monitoring, hot phone application control and detection helps cool my phone from heating apps, auto CPU cooler master, phone cooler and battery saver. Application background task CPU, turn off RAM to cool my Android phone. When the phone is hot, download the application Cooler Master Phone Cooler

Speed ​​up the phone

Accelerates all games and running applications, increases RAM memory and speeds up your phone, phone booster cooler and cleaner. Speed ​​booster memory cleaner. RAM enhanced phone support app, helps to run games faster.

Junk clear

Trash Manager Application Cache Cleaner 1 Tap Clean and Clear Cache and Clean the remaining files in the cache to increase memory and improve the performance of your device and SD card with the help of the Cookies app. Combining advanced functionality with the best apps of Android Garbage, RAM Booster speeds up your phone, storage analysis (junk files and cache), clean cache games and CPU.


– Battery saver and booster with one touch
– Battery saving mode for Samsung, LG, Sony, Oppo 6
– Cooler Master Cool Down Phone Junk Cleaner
– Theft alarm with fast battery charge
– Battery charging application that automatically charges your phone without actually using a charger
– Booster with the best battery power saver app for free, the best battery saver and fast charging.
– Battery full charge alarm
– Android CPU optimizer and cooler
– The best CPU cooler for Android, the best cleaner for Android phones, the best speed booster and cleaner in the world for Android tablet phones.
– Mode cooling temperature helps the phone device and cooling CPU
– Friendly interface, easy to use
– All in one phone cleaner and optimizer
– Remove junk, clean junk files on SD card in phone storage
– Battery Time Saver & Optimizer, Battery Charger Booster, Super Fast Battery Charging Booster
– Battery Saver Battery Doctor
– Clean Master Speed ​​Booster
– Free (ads)

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What’s new?

Increase your battery life, give a charge booster to increase your battery life.

– Bug fixes
– Remove admin permission, camera permission

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