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Fast Cache Cleaner is a super phone cleaner and speed booster. It clears my Android phone very quickly. You can quickly pick up the cleaner as a powerful Android master and all are super in a toolbox; You can use it as cache cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, game booster, app cache cleaner, ram booster, app manager, super cleaner, power cleaner, ram cleaner, junk cleaner, internet booster, memory booster and junk Notification cleaner This clean app can master the optimization of all your phones.Make noticeable:
Cache cleaner: Clear useless application cache files.
Junk cleaner: Master Clean Junk File.
Large file: Clear unnecessary large files for more storage space.
Speed ​​booster: Phone Booster and RAM Cleaner to speed up your Android phone.
Notification cleaner: Mute unsolicited notifications and clear if necessary.
Game helper: Extend the phone to reveal memory space before playing games.
Memory booster: Clean RAM and Boost Phone.
Battery saver: Kills battery drainage applications to save energy and prolong battery life.
CPU cooler: Cool the phone and CPU temperature.
Application manager: Easily manage applications.
Increase the pressure by 1: Extend and clean my phone on one phone
Internet Network Booster: Increase Wi-Fi to express Internet bandwidth.

. Cache cleaner
Quick Cache Cleaner is a useless application that clears cache files safely and helps free up more space.

. Junk cleaner master
Junk Cleaner helps to analyze all log files, history files, temporary files and AD files and then suggests clearing the junk files of that useless residue to reveal more storage on the mobile phone. Also, clear the APK files after installation to leave the application space.

. Large file
Large files can take up most of your phone’s storage space, and some of these are unnecessary. Clear these large files to get a light and fast Android phone.

. Speed ​​booster
This super fast cache cleaner kills background apps to free up memory and speeds up your Android phone by 60%. Really super ram cleaner and speed booster, encourage mobile phones now!

. Notification cleaner
If your phone has a lot of noise and useless notifications, use this super phone cleaner to mute and clean up these unwanted notifications. Junk Notification Cleaner will collect junk notifications in one and clean them if necessary.

. Battery saver
This super cleaner battery saver kills battery drainage applications to save energy by 1 call; And when your phone’s power is low, this super cleaner will clear apps in memory and remind you to save battery. Battery saver prolongs your battery life.

. CPU cooler
Quick Cache Cleaner can effectively cool the temperature of your Android phone with one tap.

. Game helper
Game Booster finds all your games and cleverly takes them to a shortcut folder. Before you play games, Game Booster encourages your phone to leave more memory space for your games to run smoothly.

. Application manager
Easily manage applications on your phone, check the size of the application, and uninstall unnecessary ones to leave more space.

. Internet Network Booster
Use Internet Booster to find and kill applications using Internet bandwidth, speeding up your Internet network.

. Increase the pressure by 1
This super fast cache cleaner helps to create 1 top boost shortcut and you can easily boost the phone with one tap.

This application uses accessibility services to close running applications and clears the application cache if necessary.

What’s new?

1. Improve durability
2. Fix known bugs

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