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Farm Tribe 3: Cooking Island is an exciting game; Where players will realize the main character Annie’s loving dream of transforming an island destroyed by a devastating tornado into an amazing farm.

The world is on the brink of a grave danger and that is why Annie has come to this magical world to be a farmer and to help humanity by providing “food” for the basic necessities of life.


The main goal of the players of Farm Tribe 3: Cooking Island is to help transform most of the land near Annie into a landmark that can help bring the world back in order. In your mission, you will help Annie with resources. To make the island a great place, you need to create plots, hire some workers, bake bread, expand the land for package income, collect chickens for egg collection and all the other work of a common farmer.


Other Features of Farm Tribe 3: Cooking Island is below.

  • Farm Tribe 3: With the help of Cooking Island, players can now chat with their friends in the game, inviting players to create their CLAN and their friends to help each other.
  • Create tribes and move them between islands.
  • Create a farm tribe on a special mystery island and take care of it while decorating the village.
  • Trade with tribes of other frames in the world market.
  • Open the mystery book to get daily bonuses and expand the tribal area.
  • Play through various quests to unravel the mysteries of the island and then follow the plot twists.

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