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Farm for kids APK download

Farm for kids APK download

Autumn has come. Spend time! It’s time to go to the farm and work hard because winter is coming soon! Our big farm and all its inhabitants are waiting for your kids to harvest. Join our new game in a series of educational games for kids: Children’s Farm.
Our game about fun farms is a kind of farm simulator. Both boy and girl would love a farm for kids. Your little farmer, taking care of his land, don’t just collect vegetables and fruits. Your customers will come to the farm using a variety of transport fun animals. By fulfilling their orders your child will have to solve interesting and interesting tasks to load a car or motorcycle with the necessary products. Cultivating land for planting carrots, tomatoes and a sunflower, a kid will use a variety of tools and even a real tractor. And in order to get a good crop the soil must be well watered and fertilized. When the crop ripens removes all pests: caterpillars, bugs and annoying crows. And the money earned can be used to improve the economy.
We have a farm on a virtual farm. Here’s how your kids learn to care for animals. Taking care of them and a large farm they will discover how it works. It is very interesting to slaughter sheep, feed cows, feed chickens and collect eggs. And there is no real farm without Aperia. Put on a protective suit so soon and go collect honey! After all, you have the best farms in your area!

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