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Recognized by thousands of Muslims around the world, the Fajrup Connection Platform connects the Ummah across time and space.

Features of Fajrup:

Digital Quran (with daily verses)
.Meka Livestream
.GPS Mosque Locator
.The correct prayer time based on your current location (GPS)
Innovative Fajrup call features
.Digital Qibla
.Azan for the time of Azan
.Response Calendar

Important note

If you think the app is giving you the wrong prayer time, it may be related to your device’s settings. Enabling auto-settings is the most effective way to achieve accurate prayer times.

Unite with the Ummah of Muhammad SAAW, receive rewards, and encourage your Imam, strengthen your Islam, help to enable and encourage (propagate) salat.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, ‘Whoever enters al-Vardhan (ie, the Fajr and’ Asr prayers) will enter Paradise. ‘ Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Fajrup is a social alarm application that automatically sets your Fajr Salah time via GPS. You can get calls from anywhere in the world. Calls are 15 seconds long, numbers will not be displayed or disclosed to any user, a modern way to wake up for your Salah. Basically, the app acts as a social alert, a medium that seeks to connect the entire ummah and encourage the ummah to wake each other up for their Fajr Salah.

Here comes the ‘science’ part: you select ‘Fajr UP ME’ and wait to receive a call from a Fajr UP, or select ‘Fajr UP Someone’ and call the ‘Fajrupi whom you have requested to wake up. If you do not receive a call, the charge will automatically wake you up, if you feel after sleep you will get a missed call reminder, if someone tries to call you.

The application is gender specific, brothers can only call brothers and colleagues can only call sisters. We want to maintain and protect the privacy of our users.

The app enables you to say ‘Assalaam Alaikum’ as well as speak directly to the ummah, perhaps sharing a verse or hadith from the Quran or greeting in your language, above all we are the world ummah. It can be effective for you to talk to Allah, repent / repent and in special months like Ramadan

Alternative awakening function; If no one wakes you up for Fajr, you will be awakened by the ideal Aadhaar.

Assistance includes: GPS, Quran, a Mecca live stream, a mosque GPS locator and other prayer times for your places through a calendar highlighting significant days in the year, there is also a digital qibla.

What’s new?

Mecca Live Fix
Feature support for Orio devices

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