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Evernote allows you to focus on the things that get you the most attention and gives you easy access to those things. Evernote allows you to input both typed and handwritten notes. You can also create notebooks, organizers and planners and organize and share these notes in any way you see fit. WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype.

You can use Evernote in business, education and everyday life. With Evernote’s sync option, you can now access your data across all your devices so that your data is easily accessible. You can see it for more information about Evernote Help Center.


You can sync all your devices with Evernote, be it computer, phone or tablet. Your information can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. You can also work on one device and continue working on another without losing anything in the process.


  • Reminders often ring one hour late from the actual set time.
  • It is not a user friendly application and takes much more unnecessary time to save a note.

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