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EverMerge APK Download

EverMerge APK Download

Evermerge is a land that is mixed and blended to create a huge world! Not only are there hundreds of pieces together here, but the land is also bursting with extraordinary works to finish. Part New Style Match, Part World-Building and Simulation, Evermerge’s Land is a big and big discovery at one time.

From new plots of land waiting to be unlocked to finding dramatic new characters in classic stories – there are oddles for discovery – in this relentless game of discovery every time there is discovery there is something bigger that can be matched with almost everything on the co gameboard. By combining clusters of items, collecting and collecting resources, and organizing the gameboard the way you want, players test their skills in creating the biggest match and clearing the most space so that new pieces can be spread.

There is a big world waiting to be discovered at Evermarge. What surprises do you find behind every combo, match and attachment?

C Create your collection! Match and merge to collect letters, magic flowers and more!
Daily quests, recipes and much more! Get coins, collect books and express surprises to build the city
OUR your world, your strategy! Place the pieces on a wide open gameboard to create the largest attachment. Merge the way you want!
CA Building Castles! The more resources you collect, the more levels you will set. The forts are so helpful!
Limited time limit. Unicorn, bird of prey, oh my! Collect and harvest with all of them!
ORE Mine for more! Resources running low? Mine for stone, wood and your world-made items
IS always to learn more! Keep cutting, there is always so much more to reveal and play in this world
ER Mermaids, Pixas, GNOME! All magical creatures live on this earth!
Unlock CO Combos Hundred! New items are always added for more matching, merging, consolidating and building
RE training awaits! Magical gems, precious coins, mythical stems and enchanted chests make your world extraordinary!

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