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Uturbo Clean is a super light and effective memory boost tool and battery expander. It’s only 2MB but it helps to clear unnecessary applications in the background to enhance your phone and save battery power. With proper management, its “One-Tap Boost” can make your mobile 50% faster. Favorited by users worldwide, YouTurbo Clean is one of the best Android booster for Android devices.
Uturbo uses the Clean Accessibility service. With this service you will get an upgraded cache cleaner ★ junk file clean
The intelligent cloud engine reads everything and hides all the junk files somewhere. Uturbo Clean can clean junk files, inactive storage and useless large files from millions of applications, leaving plenty of free space.

Memory boost
By cleaning up unnecessary background applications and processes, the UTurbo Clean’s memory booster can free up memory, speed up the Android phone, and save a lot more battery power. With accessibility, this accelerator can prevent applications from auto restarting and therefore provide a sustainable growth effect to speed up the phone. No more slow phones.

CPU cooler
This cleaner has an accelerator that can detect and clean applications that use too much CPU power and cause excessive overheating. And by memory booster, it can cool the Android device as soon as possible.

Oot route free
This speed booster can speed up your phone without root permission. The effect of memory boost is better than those who need root permission.

App lock
With a security code for you to store personal applications.

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