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Europe Empire 2027 APK Download

Europe Empire 2027 APK Download

– The year is 2027 and the world is in chaos

Europe Empire 2027 What do you have to stabilize the situation: war strategy-games?

Grand This is the perfect game for great strategy and strategy enthusiasts!

Europe Empire is a turn-based strategy game, where you have to build your own empire. Use your time wisely to implement the right strategies and tactics!

The newly elected president of the United States has decided to focus on domestic issues after promising in his campaign that American troops will no longer be sent to foreign wars.
The United States began to withdraw its forces around the world.

World markets collapsed after a major war broke out in the Middle East and South China Sea over concerns about dominance and unequal distribution of wealth.
Europe has been left alone in the face of massive flood of refugees and the threat of major attacks from the east.
The problem for Europe continues even when nationalism raises ugly heads in many nations. NATO is no longer relevant.
The conflict spread worldwide and several generals in Europe began coups to seize power.

As a new leader, your goal is ultimately to be the supreme leader.
Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire, superior to all others economically and militarily.
Are you ready to lead, Supreme Commander?

In the game, select the country you want to lead and start playing

The game contains:
Weapons suppliers around the world, a spy center, diplomacy and the United Nations, a war room, diplomacy, an economy, technology, world news distribution (economics, relations, intelligence and warfare) and highly advanced artificial intelligence.

Weapons in play:
Mercenaries, Armed Personnel Carriers (APCs), tanks, artillery, anti-air missiles, helicopters, fighter jets, ships, submarines, fighting robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aircraft carriers and ballistic missiles.

Good luck Commander 🙂

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