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Atiwa First Account Indwa Account Individual Mobile Free Recharge Your Mobile Recharge, Homco Biduli, Dinner, Telephone, Internet Adiko Bill Bhutari Mansik Rs. 00 to 2000 Click

How are you using it?

Download the ATWA app too Register so register After the test the mobile number will be Nuance Echo Iva.

Atiwama to accumulate money
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1. Internet or mobile banking markup
Internet or Mobile Banking Marked Indoma Nifact Rasam Jamma Garsas from Bangkok Account. Mobile / internet banking service not served Start your bank service anywhere today.

2. Counter deposit markup
Etawah Counter Drops from Ta Vatas Bank to Etowah Partnership Banks

Global IME Bank,
Prabhu Bank,
Mahalakshmi Development Bank,
John Bank,
Mega Bank
Om Development Bank
Kamna Service Development Bank
Domestic Commercial Bank
Saptakoshi Development Bank
Gond’s Development Bank
Bhargava Unnayan Bank
I. C. F. C. Finance

. eSewa cash points
Injiko eSewa cash point in your toll shimikmude, marked rickshaw jumba roars.

. This money cannot be sent from another ASWA user for injection.

Iswama Supply Services:
Mobile recharge and tapup
Landline bill
Windsor and cable tickets
Electricity and diner bill bills
Devotion to the Internet Bill
Television recharge
Movie tickets
Hotel booking e
School fees
Insurance premium
Installment payment
Digitat account registration and renewal
Credit card bill not paid
Online Sapi
Bank deposit

About Is Waco:
eSewa fonepay Pvt. Limited Sun 200 Edued Service Digging Corco is the first Bhutanese service provider company. FM Soft International, one of the leading computer and mobile banking providers in Bangladesh, has the presence of an assistant computer company.

The latest Nenko Ta Vatratma Access to ESWA PhonePay Pvt. Ltd. Millions of Burdwan Registration Colleges, 40,000 Burdwan Educational Institutions (ESWA Zones / Points), 47 Banks and 100,000 Enhanced Dead Buddhists.

For more information: 1660-01-02121
Email: CSD (@)

ESEWA is Nepal’s first payment gateway with integrated digital wallet where you can register on the go and pay Rs. 500 – Rs. 2000 a month

How to register and pay with ESWA?
Download the ESewa app and click on the article. Your mobile number will be your ESWA ID.

Load funds on the issue
You can load funds into your ESWA account in 4 different ways:

1. Through Mobile / Internet Banking:
You can load ESWA Wallet from your Internet / Mobile Banking at no extra cost from 47 Internet. If you have not enabled Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, visit your bank branch.

2. By counter deposit:
You can go to the nearest branch of the partner banks mentioned below to load funds into your eSewa account via counter deposit:
A. Global Bank
B. Lord Bank
C. Mahalakshmi Unnayan Bank
d. Janata Bank
e. Mega Bank
F. OM Development Bank
G. Kamna Seva Bikash Bank
H. National Commercial Bank
i. Saptakoshi Dev Bank
j Gandaki Development Bank
Who Bharatav Bikash Bank
l ICFC Finance

3. Through ESWA Cash Point
You can load funds at the nearest eSewa Cash Point and your ESewa Wallet without incurring additional service charges.

4. You can send and receive funds to your eSewa Wallet for free from other eSewa users.

ESWAR service:
Mobile recharge and top up
Landline bill
Airline and bus tickets
Pay electricity and water bills
Internet bill
Television subscription
Movie tickets
Hotel allocation
School salary
Insurance premium
EMI payment
Opening and renewing DMAT account
Credit card bills
Shopping online
Bank deposit

About ESewa
eSewa PhonePay Private. Ltd. is the first and foremost payment service provider, launched in 2009. eSewa is a subsidiary of F1 Soft International, Nepal’s leading fin-tech company.

eSewa has extensive coverage of all the 77 districts of Nepal. eSewa has a growing network of over 10 million registered customers, 40,000+ agents (eSewa regions / points), 47 banks, 1500+ merchants.

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