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English Talk: incognito speaking APK Download

English Talk: incognito speaking APK Download

English Talking App To Learn Oral English

How to speak in English talk app?
Our camouflage is a specially designed application for random chat and conversation practice through live audio chat.
This application will give you the opportunity to practice live IELTS talking with strangers.
The speaker partner can be easily found in this English Speaking Practice app.
You can create your own platform for live English speaking practice by talking to strangers.
Language exchange is now very easy in the IELTS speaking app.

You can learn fluent English using this audio random chat application

* You can apply your English grammar skills in conversation during language exchange.
* English Speaking Partners can be found for conversations in this English Conversation app.
* We care about your safety. So we don’t have any live video chat option. Instead of random video chats, you can enjoy a healthy live audio chat.
* Live audio conversations and audio chats will boost your confidence.
* You can enjoy live strangers to improve your communication skills.
* Talk randomly with your English speaking practice partner to prepare TOEFL for learning English
* Talk to strangers and listen to them carefully to get a good band listening to IELTS.
* Discuss topics of IELTS talk directly with strangers around the randomly selected world.
* You can easily know your level of improvement because we categorize the application into different levels.
* You can talk to strangers and prepare for the TOEFL speaking test.
* Random chat requires no identity so you can see yourself safe and secure for TOEFL speaking.
* If you feel uncomfortable talking randomly, you can report against the last speaker.
* You will have the opportunity to meet foreign friends through random chat option.

Debate and discussion:
Debates and live conversations are an important feature of this English speaker app.

Vocabulary and grammar courses:
You will get a course to learn vocabulary and grammar. You can apply your knowledge directly to the conversation.

Creative Common Content for English Talk Radio
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