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Adds a configurable Power bar At the top of your screen Indicates the current battery level. And just when you think that such a simple battery bar can display such important information, try plugging your charger – you will be amazed at the details of the animation you will see. The Pulsating animation And not only the times together Indicates But how much is the current battery level The battery is charged You Your charger is plugged in.

Got full charge? The line will cover the entire width of your screen.
Battery low? So the power bar will be the length.

The latest update to the app seems all convenient to the Energy Bar as it is now more integrated with the device as an accessibility service. This means to you as a user, the energy bar will be very reliable and it is compatible with the system. And Integration Complement, a great UI that performs all sorts of configurations in your bar while live on your screen.

Out of the box features:

The energy bar can be configured from width 1 pixel To cover the entire status bar (Pro)
The energy bar puts about 0% load on the CPU, as it only wakes up to reflect any change in battery level
উত The source of the energy bar can be configured as left / center / right
Energy bar can hide in fullscreen content (apps, videos, images, games, etc.)
বার The energy bar can be configured to automatically change colors depending on the live battery level
Energy bar can have mono color / multiple color sections / gradients (Pro)
You can set literally any color in the world for your favorite configuration
Whenever the power source is plugged into your device the energy bar as a cool pulsating animation

All is beautiful! But what about energy bar consumer batteries ?!

This is one of the most interesting questions for me to answer. Energy Bar understands more than anything that you need to use your own battery efficiently (after all, why did you install the app, didn’t you? 😉) Android Wake Up Energy Bar. Once awake, the energy bar quickly updates itself and goes back to sleep. And to be extra efficient, the bar goes into a deep sleep when you turn off the screen, meaning it can’t even read the battery level changes when the screen is off.

Notification Access Requirements: Since version 5.0 users have been enjoying the sheer durability and reliability of the Energy Bar. And that’s because it was running as a Accessibility service. But now, the strong permission has been downgraded Notification access, Energy Bar does not read any notice, it just depends on survival. Confirm the application No. Some access. Note that the Energy Bar has been trusted by the community of XDA developers since the present era –

What’s new?

1 pixel thick bar, 1 million downloads, thanks everyone for the help, you’re the best! 🙂

The app relies on ‘notification access’ rather than a powerful and sensitive accessibility service to survive forever.

Upgrade from previous version?
Click on the activation switch, you enable notification access even when the bar is active.

On some devices, you may need to enable the app in the ‘Auto-Start Apps’ settings to avoid a phone reboot.

Expect 0 mAh battery consumption. 😀

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