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EduRev: Exam Preparation, Mock Tests, Sample Paper APK Download

EduRev: Exam Preparation, Mock Tests, Sample Paper APK Download

Edurev video lectures, notes and subject-based exams and free forums to discuss your concerns with teachers and students are on a mission to provide the highest quality education in the most engaging way in the most engaging way, making it one of the best learning applications.
The free mock test app helps you prepare for the exam 24/7 in English! For any competitive exam preparation, the Eduarv app will prepare you much better than any textbook.

The story of Eduarv has become one of the most fascinating stories of the Indian startup ecosystem, where an educational application has grown biologically to 5Mn + users. We use our technology to offer each student personalized learning that provides them with the best learning material. Eduarvev is an educational marketplace with over 1,000+ online courses built on top of social learning platforms.

Best Learning App for Class 6 to 12 (CBSE, ICSE and State Board)

EduRev is for students in grades 6 to 12. EduRev will help you prepare for the exam by providing last year’s questionnaire with the best study material, solutions and best learning videos. You will find NCERT books and NCERT solutions from Class 12 to 12. You will also be given subject-based tests to allay your doubts. In addition, you can clear your doubts for chemistry, physics, biology.

Ub The topics we cover for classes 6 to 12

Class 6 – Class 6 Worksheet, Class 6 Social Science, Class 6 Science, Class 6 Math, Class 6 English and many more
Class 7 – Class 7 NCERT Textbook & NCERT Solutions, Class 7 Previous Year Papers
8 Class 8 – Previous Year Question Paper with CBSE NCERT Solution, Learning Quiz, Class 8 Solution
9 Class 9 – NCERT sample paper with solution, Note Class 9 sample paper with
Class 10 – Class 10 Solution Papers with last year’s solution, Class 10 U Sample Paper, Class 10 Free Online Course
Class 11 – Class 11 CBSE Guide, Class 11 Free Online Course, Class 11 Past Year Paper
12 Class 12 – Class 12 Sample Paper, Class 12 Solve Paper, Class 12 Online Course Free, Class 12 Online Coaching App
Commerce is the best application for students of Commerce Department which will cover Accountancy, BST, Economics.
Ts Best Application for Arts / Humanities students covering Geography, History, Politics, Science, English
Best application for medical / non-medical students covering chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology

Best Exam Preparation Application For Competitive Exam

The best education application for U UPSC Prelims Online Course
Doubts Forum Discussions to Overcome Your Doubts – The Best Doubt Solving App
Crack test crack course
Papers of previous year of UPSC in Hindi
UPSC Main Online Course is free

20.NET Exam 2020
E Net crash course
Free application for e-net
Application for net doubt resolution
Check NEET free online exam to check your exam preparation
N NEET NCERT based mock test series, sample papers and previous year’s exam question papers

JEE Mains and JEE Advance
The best learning application for J JEE 2020
েই JEE Main Crash Course and JEE Advance Crash Course
✔ JEE Main Mock Test and JEE Advance Sample Papers
Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for JJE Maine and JEE Advance
JJEE Main and educational application for advance
Jay Mains and Jaye Advanced Year Papers with that solution

20‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ Sylhet 2020 exam preparation
The best education application for CL Clat 2020 exam
বছরের Last year’s papers with solutions
✔ Best Law Exam Preparation Free App
✔ Clat free online course

20‍🔧👩‍🔧 Gate 2021, SSC J2020, IIT Jam
Gate mock test for CE ECE, EEE, ME, CSE
Best Exam Preparation Application at ATE Gate
✔ Gate free education application
IT IIT Jam, previous year papers for SSC win
IT IIT Jam Mock Exam Series is free

AT‍💼👩‍💼 Cat MBA
✔ Cat Mock Test Series is free
Ant Quantitative Trend Mock Test Cats
CAT exam preparation application
✔ Cat sample paper

In addition to free tests, Notes and Videos Edurev PAID also offers full-length courses and test series that you can choose from at the unique prices mentioned in the app

Users will be able to access all paid and free trials on the desktop web, mobile PWA and phone switch.

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