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EbookDroid is a highly customizable document viewer for Android.
EbookDroid supports the following ebook and document formats: DJVU, PDF, XPS (OpenXPS), Fictionbook (fb2 and fb2.zip), Comics Book formats (CBR and CBZ), and more – Versions 2 – EB, AB, AW The beginning.

EbookDroid provides flexible font mapping for PDF documents:
– If an external font is found in the same folder as the document, this font will be applied.
– Also, the user can define a list of directories (/ sdcard / fonts by default) where external fonts are available.
– If an external font in a PDF document has the same family name as one of the fonts found in these directories, the found font will be applied.
– Otherwise, the appropriate NimbusL font will be used.

EBookDroid 2.0 provides the following additional tools:
– Text selection and external dictionary support.
– Text highlighting
– Free-hand vaccine.
– Text notes and page notebooks.

Collaboration with electronic publishing sites and access to online ebook catalogs is granted by the approved OPDS ( [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPDS Open Publication Distribution System) protocol. This is the reason the app is requiring permissions for network access.

EBookDroid allows you to customize the way you read on a per book basis: each document’s layout can be tailored to give you the best reading experience and all settings will be remembered the next time you will open it.
Whatever your document, be it a two-faced xerox, a book with wide asymmetric margins or a multi-column article, EBookDroid provides you with features to split pages, automatically or manually crop margins and instantly zoom to a column’s content. Please refer to the Wiki section of the developers’ website for further instructions on how to use such features (don’t forget to read the FAQ).

Should you experience any problems, please report them in the Issues section on the developer’s website, at the following address: http://code.google.com/p/ebookdroid/.
If you are having issues with a specific document, don’t forget to attach it to your question to the developers.

Please note:

EbookDroid uses MIME types to handle different file types. Unfortunately, Android’s and many other file managers might not support all MIME types. When this happens, you will not be able to open said files directly from the file manager. Some file managers allow you to add new MIME types and associate them with the corresponding file extensions. Refer to your file manager manual to get further instructions on how to do that. All MIME types supported by EBookDroid can be found in the Wiki section of the developer’s website.

What’s New

– [OPDS] Fix the details of the opening book.
– Added support for YandexTranslate 3.0
– Allow cache on secondary SD card
– [PDF] Do not draw text annotation icons until they have added support.
– [CBX] Fix the file name for parsing
– Fix security exceptions on Android 7
– Fix for big jumps in documents with split pages.

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