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EasyConnection APK download

EasyConnection APK download

Easy connection is your driving assistant
This app integrates navigation, music, telephone and other driving functions, you can also add your favorite apps to this app.
Through the interconnection of the Easysection app in Navigator, the screen of the mobile phone can be projected on the screen of the navigator and managed on the screen of the navigator.

* Android system started restricting access to the right so that Android 10 users can no longer control the car display. We apologize for the inconvenience, we’ve tried a lot to solve it, but no one can solve it. Otherwise, to solve the problem we will launch personal software for displaying Android cars in a few more months.

* For WinCE headnet users, the software problem will remain in the installation because the ‘Start Project’ warning is present on the phone for about 3 seconds, but we still have no solution to fix it, but you can try tapping your phone screen as soon as possible. ‘ The ‘Start’ button.

How to use Landscape Mode (Beta):
We’ve introduced a new function that forces the application into landscape mode when you connect the main unit, but this feature is beta, not supported by some devices.
1. After adding the third-party application, the application in EasyCon enters long-press edit mode.
2. Check the ‘Adapted to landscape’ checkbox and follow the requests.

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