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Application 2 SD Easy is a simple tool that helps you to transfer applications to SD card.
[What Is APP2SD]”APP2SD” removes applications installed in the phone storage to the SD card, this action can save your phone’s internal storage space.
[Feature]1. List all the applications that can be transferred to SD card
2. Display notifications when the newly installed application can be transferred to the SD card
3. Tell the user that some applications should not be transferred to the SD card and give the user a detailed reason.
4. Display the statistics panel, application amount, total size, available memory and already used memory.
5. Sort apps by name, size, or installation date.
Quick. Quick menu (long click on the application list item): Mem. Optimize memory
8. Clear cache
9. Uninstaller
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[Why some apps should not be moved to SD]When an application is installed on SD:
1. If the application has input method / live wallpaper / widget, if you remove the SD card or restart your phone, the input method / live wallpaper will be reset to system default settings, home screen widgets will be removed, you need to re-select Or re-insert these when the SD card is re-inserted or the phone is rebooted.
2.If the application has functions like sync service / device administrators, if you remove the sd card or reboot your phone, these functions will not work until the sd card is re-inserted or the phone reboot is finished.

3. If the app has an auto start task, the auto start task will fail and will not start.

Application 2SD Easy shows these apps in the “Should Not Move” list.
[Why some apps can’t be moved to SD]1. The application is copyright protected.
2.APP2SD is a feature introduced from Android version 2.2, so not all applications support this feature.
3. Developers can only install its application on the phone’s storage forces
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What’s new?

1. Add clean cache function
2. Optimize the memory function
2. Add Uninstaller

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