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E-books allow you to access your mail digitally and securely, both from agencies and government authorities, anywhere and anytime.

Our application provides you with a variety of options to sort your mail. But e-books are much more than just a digital mailbox:

– Sign documents digitally. Documents are easily signed using Nimid and stored in the e-box.
– Pay the bill. Pay your bills directly in the e-box. Pay by credit card or Betalingsservice.
– E-books supports a multi-level folder structure unlike any other digital mailboxes out there, allowing you to sort your mail into a perfect tree structure.
– Manage mail at your fingertips. Swipe right to mark a message as readable or swipe left from the archive.
– Read and manage mail sent to you by others.
– Upload important personal documents. E-books are like an online bank vault, allowing you to store everything from mortgage work and birth certificates to photographs of your valuables for insurance claims.

We are also introducing e-books plus. Here are some services designed to make your daily life easier and more convenient. Decide which services you want to add and you have complete control over the content. We’re constantly adding new services and inviting you to share feedback and submit ideas to eBox Plus through the app.

It’s easy to get started. Log on as you are used to. If you are new to e-box, we recommend creating a user with your nameID to access all the features of the app.

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