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Duolingo: Learn Languages Free APK Download

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free APK Download

Learn a new language with the world’s most downloaded educational app! Duolingo is a fun, fast, free app for learning 35+ languages ​​with bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.

Designed by language experts and loved by millions of students around the world, Dulingo helps you prepare for real conversation in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English and more.

Whether you’re traveling, school, career, family and friends, or learning a language for your brain health, you’ll love learning with Dulingo.

Why Dulingo?
Dulingo is fun and effective. Lessons and fun characters like games help you build strong speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

★ Dulingo works. Designed by linguists, Dulingo has a proven science-based teaching method for long-term language retention.

Your Track your progress. When you practice the daily routine, work towards your goal of learning your language with sports rewards and achievements!

Join the community. With 300+ million students worldwide, you are part of a language community in Duolingo.

Each language course is free. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish , Japanese, English, even high valerian!

What the world is saying about Dulingo:

Editor’s choice and “best of the best” – Google Play

“The best language-learning applications are far and wide.” – The Wall Street Journal

“This free app and website is one of the most effective language-learning methods I’ve tried … Lessons come in the form of short challenges – speaking, translating, answering multiple-choice questions – which allows me to come back more and more.” -New York Times

“Dulingo can keep the future of education secret.” – Time magazine

“… Dulingo cheerful, light and fun…” – Forbes

If you like Dulingo, try the free Dulingo Plus for 7 days! Learn a language fast without any ads and get fun benefits like Master Quiz for downloading the course and measuring downloadable courses wherever you go!

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