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Dumb Wage to Die, an Android game based on the famous cartoon video created by the Austrian Metro company to promote train safety among the public.

In this fun-filled game, players will be able to play through 14 exciting mini-games where they need to take quick steps to save their clever and funny characters.


The controls for the dumb ways to die are different for each mini-game. For example, a game requires the player to blow into the device’s microphone to keep the aircraft flying.

The other game tells users to tap the screen really quickly to continue the character. In another game, the player has to hit numerous holes to save his character from bleeding.

When a player starts the game, they will be given 3 lives which means if a character loses the player and dies 3 times in any minigame he will have to start again.

Gameplay hints

  • Character’s hair on fire? Run fast.
  • Quickly delete the screen to clean the puck.
  • Balance the character of eating heavy glue
  • Shake the deadly flesh on the piranhas out of range of the personal part of your character.
  • They swat the wasps before stinging the character.
  • Refrain from inviting emotional psycho killers to your home.
  • Carefully remove the fork from a toaster.
  • Assist a self-taught pilot.
  • Have a little patience while crossing the train tracks.
  • Cat snakes relay pick about the right kind of mustard.

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