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Run multiple accounts of the same application together (social and gaming apps) apps

Privacy space and application-clone functions
* Cloning the application, the dual application do not install more applications on your device, so that your device runs smoothly.
* Dual app provides privacy without any mark on the phone system. This can keep your personal account private and not visible to others, so your data is protected and your privacy is protected.
Log in to multiple social accounts at once
* Get both your personal account and work account online and you can easily balance between life and work.
* Social, games and other applications can log in to the secondary account in the dual application. Receiving different account information and account data does not interfere with each other.
* Two accounts are online at the same time, easily switched between the two accounts and the information in each account is managed independently.

Protect double open application information
* Dual application can hide notification of double-open application message, users can choose “Show hidden application notifications” “” Do not show hidden application notifications “and” Notification shows number of notifications for hidden applications “
* The app does not appear in the switch menu (the open app is recently hidden, are you sure you want to show these in the recent time)

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