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Dropbox Paper adds fast sync file storage and backup features to your Android phone. The application lets you work online with text documents by collaborating with multiple users to edit the same document at the same time.

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Get bigger and brighter with Dropbox paper. A flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. It is a specially designed tool for teams to work together online in real-time. With Paper you and your team can create, update and collaborate on documents and sync everything seamlessly. You can write in any document, change text formats, add images, quote other users, insert videos. Dropbox Paper makes it easy to share documents with other users. Anyone on the team will see all the changes made in real-time. You can view your account on any device by logging in to the Dropbox website. Some applications like Dropbox Paper are Google Drive and Google Sheet.

Easily respond to comments so you can move projects forward. Annotations allow you to add comments to specific parts of an image, features show you who added what, and emoji help you hit the right tone. Feedback: Now with more fun.

Dropbox Paper is an interesting application that helps small group colleagues to work together easily. When you attach the paper to your calendar, it makes it easier to find the docs you need at each meeting. You can access, edit and comment on your starred and recent documents while offline to keep ideas flowing – or create new docs. Just paste a link from popular tools like Dropbox, YouTube and Pintest. Paper will automatically add a preview to your document. If you want to know more about Dropbox Paper you can go to it Dropbox paper website For more information.

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