Droid Optimizer 3.0.5-playstore APK Download for Android

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Features at a glance
Cele acceleration, cleaning and optimization
Finish the Fore Nozzle and Background applications automatically
And clear the system and application cache
► Ga theme
Find and delete Fast junk files quickly and easily
Cleaning Complete the cleaning tasks automatically
Energy Save energy and extend your battery life
Disable WiFi at set price or every time you switch off the screen
Manage all installed applications
Learn about critical permissions of your apps and publish spy apps

More memory, more speed – free and without ads!
Leggy smartphone? Is the battery always empty? Does it take forever to launch the application? Boost your smartphone performance and free memory with the click of a button.

Against information chaos
Installed apps, downloaded files, images, music, videos – over time your smartphone will become cluttered which will lead to a noticeable slowdown. Ashampoo Droid Optimizer frees your smartphone from fragmentation and reclaims free disk space and performance – over and over again. Need to delete a new folder? Just add it to 1-Touch Speed ​​Up and Auto Clean Up. This feature is also supported by Junk Finder!

For your privacy
Browsing the Internet with your smartphone can reveal a number of signs that your privacy has been violated. And let’s face it, do you really know which devices your installed applications have permission for? Get rid of internet traces and publish potential spy applications with Ashampu Droid Optimizer.

For prolonged battery life
Integrated Good Night Scheduler can automatically disable features like WLN or mobile connection during customizable time periods or when you switch off your screen. Keep your smartphone asleep at night and save valuable battery power with the Ashampu Droid Optimizer.

With fun and motivation
Cleaning doesn’t have to be annoying. The integrated ranking system provides rewards and fun pictures for your achievements. Start as a simple rag and master in no time. If you like it, you can choose more neutral ranks.

Free and without ads
Ashampoo Droid is an optimizer and can be used for free without ads.

Full access to rooted devices
The Droid Optimizer offers a special feature on rooted devices: applications starting with Android 4.3 can no longer automatically enable flight mode. Root access makes it possible again! In this way, the Good-Night-Scheduler can unleash its full potential and actively conserve energy. Unsolicited applications are also a thing of the past, disabling or deleting the applications needed to keep your device clean.

For all Android devices
Ashampoo Droid Optimizer works with Android 4.0.0 and higher devices which are virtually every device.

Have you missed the most important features like Game Booster or CPU Cooler?
What others won’t tell you: It’s not that easy! Reducing CPU frequency requires key benefits and although your CPU may be cold it will perform at a much slower pace. It’s possible to shut down unreasonable applications to free up as much memory and processor resources as possible – and it’s already done extremely well with Auto-Clean and 1-Touch Speed ​​Up. You see, the Droid Optimizer doesn’t require a lot of advertising but the actions let it speak for itself.

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